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Myths and Facts About Identity Theft

I want to try and just block him here.
Never mind, fuck it!
Should I check that a little bit earlier, but okay.
Good night!
Should be more.
This the thing.
Oh shit!
Kinda… kinda…
Fuck it! I’m gonna go on a little guess here, and say there’s nobody else, please!
Another Kar. Should I take it?
Fuck it! Let’s do something silly!
I mean, let’s give it a shoot see what happens!
It’s gotta come out eventually.
There he is, buddy.
Get in… What are you doing?
Nobody does that.
That’s what you get. That’s what you get, okay?
Shooting tires like that…
That’s a mistake.
Another extended. Okay.
Oh, hello buddy! You don’t goof.
Only you R.I.P.
Hot damn! Goodnight!
See what he had… nothing I’m gonna keep the Kar 98s this is a thing now, all right.
We won’t try try to make it work.
Don’t flip!
All right, just go sit… What are you doing? Stop, stop it!
And then he stopped peeking. Okay…
Damn it!
Oh, shit that’s not good.
Why– why did he do that?
You asked, I don’t know.
See what he had, hopefully something good.
Shit! Run! Another time. Goodbye!
Yeah, this is gonna be hard.
Close range, Kar 98 not a fan,
But you got two fucklet, you’ll be okay.
No, that’s not how it works.
No! Hit it.
One more. My car… Come back!
Damn. Alright.
What did you had buttercup?
Not bad.
Three seat bike, that’s a death trap… and I’m dead.
Never mind.
Is he just..?
Alright then, please have an 8x!
I don’t really know what to do here. Just keep driving around try to… Okay. That’s what we’ll do!
Got a head shot.
Fuck that’s a Red-Dot man,
can’t do it!
I’m a noob.
Wait, not a head shot. We’re gonna finally get a helmet.
That was… that was the plan alright. I’m–
All my intentions were not to head shot him and miss all those shots. Okay.
Because this double free helmet here was not good enough.
Oh, Double 8x. Now we’re talking.
Not too shabby.
There’s somebody up here.
Nobody parks there right?
This early, well early-ish in the game.
Let’s just drive around see if we can get him to shoot at me!
There he is.
I saw you, sucker. I seen you.
And then he’s gone.
Come on, man! All right. Let’s pretend like we didn’t see him!
There’s somebody over here.
It took a little bit longer than I wanted it to, but it’s okay. We won. It’s all okay.
Snatch that!
What do I get rid of these?
That’s very good, that’s it?
Didn’t work.
That’s more like it, okay.
Not bad, not mad.
All right, I gotta be in the open.
That’s a car.
Oh, See we get him to peek.
And good night!
Ah, He wasn’t even looking at me.
Communist nacho grease boy…
Huuhh, never mind, you’re gonna have it! I’m out.
This is really really really bad.
Thank you. Can’t believe you listened, attaboy.
What’s the plan here? All right he still thinks I’m in there so, I’m just gonna go up here, those circles about to hit.
Can I spot them?
I cannot what are you shooting at doofus? Stop it!
Not gonna go.
Where can we put ourselves in the next circle. I don’t want to be out in the open.
Shit fuk!
I don’t know. This is gonna be a sketchy one.
Wait, we can be up here. Kinda that rock.
It’s like a little…
Okay, a dip in the ground. We can be in if I don’t die.
Shoot again! Shoot again, bitch!
I don’t mean to call you bitch. They’re probably a nice guy.
One more.
What? It look like it dipped.
Can’t do it. I’m dead.
There’s my backup, thank you!
You’re a bush.
Screwin this guy with the SKS. I’m getting him… never mind. He gets to live. Damn it! Wait!
We’re gonna have to do a copy up close.
I do not want to be sandwiched.
That’s a good one.
Got him!
No, where are you at?
I don’t see him.
Wanna fight, huh?
Well, let’s fucking fight!
You wanna a fight, huh? Huh?
Let’s fucking fight! What the fuck?
I’m like the…
The non hittable potato.
This close-range close-quarter, shit is not gonna be good.
I don’t know about this.
As long as there’s nobody near by me.
And maybe I’m gonna try to get the church even though, there’s probably a guy up there, and he’s gonna kill us.
Hopefully not.
Huh, good shit!
All right, where is everyone? I’m ready.
I just heard a guy step. Might be outside the church…
Shit, if you push this up I’m done.
There you are, you silly goose, oh?
Now what? Now we wait.
This is not a bad spot, I think we can place…
Pretty… in a pretty good spot next circle, these little hills over here.
It’s not bad, not bad at all.
Where is everyone though? Four others, we know there’s one left of us, but there…
Start making some noise, all right.
Hello snake!
You are no snake.
Two others.
Seventeen kills, what happened? Kar 98, okay.
So one more guy.
All right, I’m over it. Come on already! This is the perfect circle for me. Just push it!
Hello snake! I see you.
That’s not the story I wanted. Fuck!
Bananakopf, Bananakopf.
18 kilos hole mama!
Alright, so I tried to mess around a little bit with the replay feature
It’s a it’s a fun tool.
And I’ll definitely try to get better at using it and do some more stuff like this. It was pretty interesting.
So yeah if you liked the video leave a like, dislike, comment whatever the fuck and
Remember to leave us up if you haven’t already.
But you probably so I’m just gonna cut it out now because I’m kind of just talking shit at this point.

100 thoughts on “18 Kill Solo with 2x Kar98k! | PUBG

  1. In the very beginning of the video you ran away from a lvl 2 backpack and left with a lvl 1. Fugglet not good, hacking confirmed.

  2. I use x2 with M24 to win and I try to got a better scope in a house but is been looted (Am is PUBG mobile sorry). 😉

  3. I subbed cuz I like sniper players… 😀
    That's why my profile picture is a sniper… My username in PUBG mobile : slogobeast

  4. 10:33 fire blows off in the corner and he is like "i dont see him"
    And i am like "bitch is u blind" #meme voice😂😂.

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