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This July, 17 Games will be released on the
PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Switch, PlayStation
Vita and 3DS.
Let’s check them out right now.
Aven Colony.
Set your sights beyond our humble solar system,
and get ready for an otherworldly SimCity
experience…but with Sand Worms!
Sail off to outer space and towards humanity’s
new home, a humble colony in an alien planet.
As mayor, you’re tasked to turn the tiny town
into a sprawling metropolis, and to manage
the many needs of your citizens.
Provide them the with the necessary components
for survival, or get the metaphorical boot.
It’s coming to the PC, PS4, and Xbox One sometime
this July.
Immortal Planet.
Don’t fall for this game’s cartoony look.
From the makers of the stylish action platformer,
Ronin, comes an action RPG inspired by the
complexity the Dark Souls series.
Rising from your slumber, discover a world
full of challenging beasts and intense battles.
Much like Dark Souls, it’s a test of patience
and skill.
Block, dodge, and fight with your dwindling
stamina, and from a lasting bond with the
experience of death..
It’s set to release on the PC sometime this
Red Ash.
From nail-biting crowdfunding disasters, mystery
console ports & anime tie-ins, to their eventual
partnership with an unfamiliar publisher–Keiji
Inafune’s ambitions open world anime adventure
was wrought with bad luck and poor planning
from the very beginning.
But, two years after, we’re finally going
to see the fruit of all that controversy.
Roam around this shooter’s open spaces, and
play your role in a war against machines.
It can’t be all bad, right?
It’s coming to the PC, PS4, and Xbox One
sometime this July.
CodeRed: Agent Sarah’s Story.
A new adventure game is shaping up to deliver
an interesting experience in the life of a
The first among a planned trilogy, put yourself
in the shoes of Agent Sarah, as she tries
to apprehend a dangerous terrorist threatening
to destroy New York city.
Inspired by the Telltale series, embark on
a point-and-click adventure that will force
you to make difficult choices that will decide
the fate of millions.
It’s set for release this July 1st on the
Accel World vs. Sword Art Online.
Cyber worlds and Augemented realities unite
in this grand crossover of two popular series.
Written by the same man who created the two
series, prepare for another gruelling bout
of interdimensional escapades.
Join your favorite heroes as they try to save
their friend from the hands of the evil Personna
Form your own trio and combine the skills
from both franchises, and conquer the digital
universes together.
Coming to the PS4 and PS Vita this 17th of
Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age.
The 12th Final Fantasy is set for an explosive
return with this gorgeous remaster.
Revist the kingdom of Dalmasca, and set on
a quest for freedom with the series’ beloved
An already great game from the start, the
experience is further improved with the introduction
of some modern advancements.
Immerse yourself in its vast open world with
enhanced sounds and visuals, reconstructed
battle designs, and a revamped job system.
It’s set to release on the PlayStation 4
this 11th of July.
Master the tricks of the life of thievery
in this turn-based indie strategy.
Set in the dark alleys of Victorian London,
manage a faction of thieves and recruit a
gang of poverty-stricken citizens to steal
from their wealthy neighbors.
Fight against friends in an asynchronous multiplayer,
or play through an exciting campaign to become
the one true master thief.
It’s set to release on the PC this 12th of
Children of Zodiarcs.
Help a ragtag band of misfits in their rebellion
against an evil empire.
Inspired by classic tactical RPGs and collectible
card games, this indie strategy combines the
thrills of turn based combat with the unpredictable
nature of cards.
Use their innovative battle system to sneak
into the halls of nobles, and fight against
city guards and rival gangs.
An experience in risk and tension for the
solitary player.
It’s set for release on the PC this 18th of
Yonder: The Cloud Catcher.
With its simplicity, adventure games usually
need to evoke a sense of wonder and exploration
to make it stick in people’s minds.
This game from Prideful Sloth does exactly
that, seemingly mixing cartoonish visuals
with a kind of magical realism.
Explore the yonder horizons consisting of
a variety of imaginary creatures in its beautiful
Fish, farm and build relationships, and restore
Gemea to its rightful form.
Coming to the PC and PlayStation 4 this July
Minecraft: Story Mode – The Complete Adventure.
Take on all the deadly risks of Minecraft’s
voxel-based world in TellTale Game’s complete
Story Mode collection.
This isn’t your ordinary Minecraft game because
you’ll be given a different kind of freedom.
Journey around the endangered Kingdom along
with your friends, and weave through a narrative
of your own creation.
The choices you make, and the words you say,
will decide your ultimate fate.
It’s set for release on the Switch this July
Splatoon 2.
The sequel to the Wii U’s signature family-friendly
shooter finally gets a release date on the
Get back to the ink-splatting action with
the revamped Inklings.
Making a return after two long years, they’re
coming back with their updated fashion trends
as well as a slew of all new weapons and gears.
The multiplayer action is made even better
in this port to switch, letting you play with
friends right on your own couch.
It’s set to release this 21st of July.
Don’t Knock Twice.
Despite its box office flop, their videogame
tie-in is shaping up to be promising venture.
Step inside a haunted manor and go in search
for your estranged daughter.
It’s a highly interactive game that lets you
use, control, and investigate the many objects
sprawled around the grand mansion.
Leave no stone unturned in your quest for
freedom, and don’t knock twice.
Set to release on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One
on the 25th of July.
Fallen Legion.
Here to challenge the polish and quality of
Japanese RPGs are the humble developers from
Like what the title suggests, you take control
of a legion of four characters and sharpen
their skills in combat to block and counter
enemy attacks.
Written by the Virtue’s Last Reward editor,
prepare to experience the tragedies of war
from two very different perspectives.
It’s set for release on the PS4 and PS Vita
this 25th of July.
Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star.
The third installment of one of Marvelous’
many well-known series.
This warriors-type action game is set after
the events of the first game.
Their victory in the war has granted them
power over a wish-granting computer, and the
servants of their former enemy.
With another man threatening to control the
servants, prove you’re the better master and
fight with them against a multitude of foes.
It’s packed with the same fast-paced combat,
beautiful visuals, and lovable cast of characters.
It’s set for release this 25th of July on
the Switch.
We have waited so long for another Pikmin
game, and it’s finally here, and more importantly,
on the 3DS.
Bring along your pocket Pikmin, and go on
a wondrous new adventure with Captain Olimar.
This Pikmin game, however, is vastly different
from the others.
While it doesn’t have the real-time strategizing
of its previous titles, there’s still a lot
of exploration and resource management to
go about.
It’s set for release this 28th of July.
Collar X Malice.
Another visual novel to make rounds in the
western hemisphere.
Instilling fear onto the citizens of Shinjuku,
a police officer is forced to wear a poison-tinged
Work out yur survival with five former cops
investigating the attack on the city.
Embark on this thrilling tale of romance and
Released in Japan last 2016, it will make
its much awaited western release on the PS
Vita this 28th of July.
The Station.
The age old question of life outside earth
gets a surprising twist in this upcoming exploration
A gorgeous looking kickstarter campaign sends
you off on a sci fi tale of epic proportions.
Unable to contact the crew sent to communicate
with the sentient alien species, you must
venture to the deserted space station and
uncover the mystery of their disappearance.
Revel in their intricately designed sprites
and setpieces, launching this 31st of July
on the PC.

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  1. well I'm gonna skip all the games that are getting released this month, I don't like any of 'em 😂

  2. so splatoon 2 releases on the 21st, but I can't pre order it as I'm away on an orchestra residential, get back at ~11pm, and go on holiday for two weeks the following morning on the 22nd.
    When I get back from my holiday, 7th August, I have an amazing 1 day then I go on NCS for the first two weeks away (minus weekends). (9th August)
    I'll have to wait four weeks for splatoon 2.

  3. Wow, the games coming out this summer sucks. I buy a new gaming computer and all the games are terrible!

  4. 5:04 first switch game, theres minecraft story mode, splatoon 2 and fate/extella: the umbral star, those are the only games for switch in this video, however there is Hey! Pikmin for 3ds

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