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Myths and Facts About Identity Theft

ps: ( he thanks to the people who send him the gift ) teammate: there are many people here teammate: i gto 2 M16A4 teammate: i shard to play. many people cheat teammate is speaking dialect he let u to open the intercom teammate: wow! so powerful no. just okay. i almost die teammate: can’t save anymore why u die? teammate: come to my side who throw the grenade to me just now? i’m confused. i can’t find it go to find him how many people on your side? is there anybody there? teammate: got someone here, 2 team fight to each others. i’m ready to get into the fight then i go to find u guys teammate: maybe the 2 team has finished fight teammate: over my side can u get off? teammate: they surrounded me can u get off? what should i take to… all dead? teammate: all dead teammate: ya. all dead teammate: got 2 6 scope teammate: feel happy i have listen to your swallowing sound i have go over your side, get out quickly listen your swallowing sound u let me feel nervous i saw u use good with M16A4, i would like to have a try too teammate: u want to come here? i don’t go there, why i want to go there? teammate: here is fat i’m fat too i fetch u, let’s go to fight teammate: do u need something? i bring for u i don’t want anything teammate: or u come to pick by yourself? many equpments here bro, i really don’t want anything, u are welcome teammate: come here, here got many boxes i’m sorry. i didn’t open my mic just now i have been talking for a long moment teammate: wow! u come here teammate: do u lack of anything? no, i don’t teammate: then let’s go i wonder that i have been saying that i don’t need anything, why are u so still welcome microphone echoes teammate: yes. don’t know what happen, maybe something with the earphone teammate: are u wearing the 3 level helmet? yes. 3 level helmet is handsome that not wearing the helmet that’s real, is more handsome that not to wear the helmet let me show u have a look i’m not wearing the 3 level helmet teammate: how many money u fill to get this clothes? teammate: do u want medicine? i give u some i don’t lack of anything teammate: i got many drinks i killed all the people in g harbor teammate: how many kills did u get? 13 kills teammate: u got 13 kills? teammate: bro, u are so powerful no i sneak up on them teammate: are u playing on your girlfriend account? how u know? teammate: i guess it my girlfriend is so annoying let me to help her to up level can u open the intercom? teammate: is easy to up the rank, just have to hide yourself yes teammate: seems like there is a car on the left side teammate: left side on there is a car in the houses teammate: there is someone in front there shot him can u drive the car? i don’t really like to drive it ps: ( he thanks to the people who send him the gift ) ps: ( he thanks to the people who send him the gift ) bro bro, we go to the back, there is 2 signal airdrop. 245 directions bro at the back, 245, 230 directions what i want to do just now? bro, don’t forgot u are using the intercom where they shot the signal gun? cdo u see that? in front there teammate: we go to the mountain where is it? the houses in front there? okay. no need to go to the mountain, just go to the ramp there here stop at this position on the roof top, i saw 2 of them i go ahead, u help me to block them teammate: at the door li didn’t use the M16A4. bro, your single shot is powerful oh, i see teammate: here got AWM u can’t play game if u went out impossible that u bring the big equipment outside teammate: the equipment is just small. i use 3 fingers if i go out u use the out-equioment u are not powerful than me teammate: i feel it is inconvenience teammate: i just bought it is better that u practice on it, oh ya i have to admit that in the single shot is better than me i admit for it teammate: u must have to admit it but okay okay. i can’t talk teammate: many people use it when playing the high rank match two days ago, i met a guy that who use this really angry there is 2 person on the roof top. we can shot them over here one player down let’s go shot on the roof top, he is getting up his teammate one player dead and one player down do u know where is he? do u have silencer? teammate: not interesting what do u mean? what’s that? teammate: cheat many people cheat? to be honest, i have been a long time didn’t met the cheat player two days ago, i met a person that can jump and fly high in the experience mode they can’t win me, so i didn’t feel have any cheat player they hide themselves i feel like i feel that is no use for cheat i can listen to their footsteps except they hide somewhere and shot on me any use to cheat? they can only know early where we are i didn’t met the cheat player before teammate: 3 of them are cheat player oh. i met them everyday when i played in the ace match i met the team that drive in a car seemed like someone over the airdrop the car was on smoke the team at the back i drive to have a look grab my kill this people is best, grab my kill i really dislike that someone grab my kill the person over my side has got up by his teammate u go to right side, there is a ramp there don’t wanna fight with them of using the sniper oh my god teammate: one player was dead, still got one more all dead? i’m not sure u conform it teammate: i killed guy with grenade i’m not sure that still got people or not the people at the back grab my kill, so annoying i heard the sound of m24 there is 2 person outside the circle i couldn’t play well with the sniper teammate: i can’t saw them at the toilet after i learned 5 fingers, i can’t play well with the sniper what? teammate: leave the people up there teammate: the cooperate is good yes i feel like my fingers were in a cramp after i have learned the 5 fingers operation i think we have to lay down teammate: 120 direction me and the people opposite can’t play the sniper well come out

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