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10. GRID Autosport
Despite the five year difference between this game’s release on the PC and this Android
port, Codemaster’s 2014 racing game zoomed through the yearly platform rankings and into
a very respectable 10th place. In its previous releases, GRID Autosport has been described
as one of the generation’s best racers. And, though there were criticisms, it’s not as
prevalent in the Android transition. It’s console-quality racing on the go, with
smooth, customizable controls, and content spanning hundreds of cars and circuits, game
modes, plus all of the game’s DLCs in one convenient package. It might come at a heavy
price of 4 gigabytes but that’s crumbs compared to all the awesome Triple-A content that comes
with it. One of the gems of the TOCA series made available
in a portable format, it gets a playscore of 8.6 9. Rush Rally 3
Yes, we have another racing game. The third installment to Brownmaster’s racing series,
Rush Rally 3 markets itself as one of the realistic rally simulations out there. It’s
not quite the console-quality game that GRID Autosport is, but what makes Rush Rally 3
a great addition to the Android roster is its perfectly balanced mechanics. Rally racing is really one of the most demanding
sports in the racing genre. With this installment of the Rush Rally series, they tinker with
optimized controls to deliver an accurate encapsulation of that atmosphere. On top of
the impressive speed and controls, Rush Rally 3 also has tons to offer in terms of content.
For less than five bucks, it gives players 72 different stages, that same number in cars
and a variety of game modes to try your hand on. It’s not the best in terms of graphics, but
it more than makes up for it in style. It has a playscore of 8.64 8. Whispers of a Machine
Slowing us down from the breakneck speeds of racing is this point and click adventure
from Raw Fury. After the rave reviews of their previous title, Kathy Rain, Whispers Of A
Machine is a welcome treat as it explores a mystery in the realm of science fiction.
It tells the story of the cybernetically augmented Vera who’s tasked with investigating a series
of murders but unfolds something a little more sinister. Adventures are always helped by a foundation
of a great narrative and Whispers of a Machine definitely has that. But to add to it is the
layers of effective puzzles that are sprinkled in between the twists and turns
of Vera’s journey. Short as it is, Whispers of a Machine is an exquisite mystery that
deserves all the praise it gets. It has a playscore of 8.64 7. ANOTHER EDEN
Android gems are hard to keep up with, but if you’re a fan of JRPGs, this is a title
you can’t miss. In name, it doesn’t invoke the classic titles of Square Enix’s golden
era. And, in story, it’s typical JRPG fare with a brave a hero journeying through time
and space to save the future from darkness. As simple as everything else is, what sets
Another Eden apart from the rest is how it brought together some of the genre’s best
minds. From Chrono Trigger’s writer, Masato Kato, to the musical talents of Yasunori Mitsuda
and Shunsuke Tsuchiya. All of them coming together to take a simple JRPG to the next
level. Unfortunately, it isn’t a premium game. But,
this fact never gets in the way of the enjoyment, letting you enjoy the experience with or without
the epic characters. It has a playscore of 8.66 6. Star Traders: Frontiers
Take control of a starship and venture into a massive open universe in this turn-based
strategy RPG from Trese Brothers. It’s the story of a galaxy-wide takeover and you get
to sit in place of captain, commandeering your crew against alien threats, political
intrigue, and internal strife. As an RPG, Star Traders offers plenty of paths
to take, whether its spy, merchant, pirate or any of its 26 different jobs. Not to mention
its wide array of ship customizations and loyal recruits that will help you forge your
own path through a narrative of your own creation. Star Traders: Frontiers is only one among
many of Trese Brother’s beloved RPG creations and with this 2019 title, it looks like they’re
only getting better. It has a playscore of 8.69 5. BTS WORLD
Following their World Tours and collaboration with international artist, Halsey, the Korean
pop group, BTS has solidified itself as a global sensation. Which is why it makes sense
that this latest official game is making rounds on the mobile. With Netmarble’s BTS World, not only do you
get to know each of the talented boys, you also get a few glimpses of their life outside
the cameras. All of it through visual novel narratives, short films, video calls, and
even texts. For ultra fans, you can even dress up each member as you please, from their wardrobe
to their hairstyles. But, even for non-fans, BTS World holds its own thanks to its manager
sim style gameplay. Addictive, charming, and well-written. Just
like the boys themselves, BTS World casts a wide net for audiences and it gets a playscore
of 8.77 4. Oddmar
This adventure game from Mobge Games already made waves on the iOS, earning its top spot
in the rankings last year. But, in 2019, it carves its name on the top ranks of the Android
too. First released in January, Oddmar has consistently been the game to beat, offering
players a unique Nordic paradise as a Viking fighting to redeem his place in Valhalla. It’s a mobile platformer that has quality
in every aspect. Its mushroomy jumping animation is quirky but it works, and its level designs–ribbon-wrapped
with a pleasant, magical atmosphere–is satisfying, to say the least. Oddmar seems to be a balancing act of sophisticated
gameplay and cartoony, childlike wonder. Through its move to the Android, it still continues
to work like a charm, remaining a top-notch title with a score of 8.78 3. Stardew Valley
Speaking of smooth transitions from one platform to the next, developer ConcernedApe’s take
on the classic Harvest Moon formula was undoubtedly one of the most celebrated mobile releases
this year. Already garnering a massive success on its indie PC debut, Stardew Valley has
made itself THE name in modern farm life RPGs. It’s a fusion of old and new. While it invites nostalgia with its retro
pixel aesthetics and chiptune soundtracks, Stardew Valley is also loaded with activities.
It expands the country sim from its simple farming roots, letting you branch out into
other branches of agriculture too. Bringing the quiet and quaint experience into the portable
format, Stardew Valley on the Android is yet another feather in their cap. It has a playscore of 8.83 2. Grimvalor
Peace and quiet is one thing, but some of us want a degree of punishment in their games
and this game is for them. Considered the Dark Souls equivalent on the mobile, Direlight’s
Grim Valor excelled at delivering brutal combat and dark settings. Unlike its iOS release, it arrived on the
Android as a free to play demo, giving you a taste of the action before you bring out
the cash. It’s a definitely an advantage for the budget gamer, but ultimately, with its
top-to-bottom slickness GrimValor proves itself worthy of the investment. Within its limited, mobile format, it offers
visually stunning environments and a bestiary of cool monsters to take down with its exhilarating
combat. Today’s gold standard in portable hack and
slash, it gets a playscore of 8.87 1. Raiders of the North Sea
Even before its translation into digital, Raiders of the North Sea is already a renowned
name in the board game sphere. It’s a worker-placement board game that challenges you to conquer
the lands of the ice and snow all for gold and fame. With that strong Viking premise,
it’s already a winner. But, with the talents of Dire Wolf, Raiders of the North Sea continues
to shine as a digital game too. It translates the quiet and contemplative
into a full-blown experience packed with beautiful backdrops and glorious soundtracks that fully
immerses you in your plundering. In a genre ruled by competition, Raiders of the North
Sea has plenty, not just in their active online community but also against their decently
challenging AI too. Digital adaptations can be tough, but Dire
Wolf Digital did an excellent job at creating an experience we can enjoy for many years
to come. That’s why it’s our Android Game of the Year
with a playscore of 9.1

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  2. I agree with the top spot. It's my most played digital board game. I can't wait for Blood Rage to be available for PC though always wanted to play it.

  3. Whatoplay is my favorite gaming channel. Also guys if you didn't know there is a new internet browser for PC called Opera GX it is hands down the best browser available and geared towards gamers. It's way better than Google Chrome and even Firefox.

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  5. For me you are reta** what kind of games you are putting here??? Please stop making viseos all your games are BS!! From where are you finding them idk… Vut i think game developers pays you money to make those videos cuz i never heard about those games and those games for kids from 4-12 years old. Not even one game was good i hope youtube will delete your channel. Ty.

  6. Oddmar is a very nice Game but it's not a free Game… you can download it for free but after the first level you have to pay. Same with Gimvalour, after the first Level you have to pay for it…
    Please stop to label Paid Games as free to play…
    Thank you!

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