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Welcome to 1 Dollar 1 Min. Where I bring you brief reviews of bargain
games. All or something is preventing and helping,
freezing and melting, braking and slipping, glowing and fading. The devices are subordinated with the common
laws of a puzzle. That, that is melted will not be frozen and
will not swim. But there is something unfired that drowning
and freezing. The ice bridges are not for the fire coals. The Steps in the portal come from the place
of falling, clamping, or a star. Okay. Putting aside the fact that not even Sherlock
Holmes himself could decipher that poor excuse of a game description, Caliper is actually
one of those games that doesn’t look or sound that great, but grows on you pretty
quickly. You know, once you can work out what the hell
do to with no instructions given to you. The game objective is a relatively simple
one: There are 5 zones to complete, with 5 stages per zone. In each stage, you must work out how to get
the star and unlock the portal using the blocks given to you. Each new zone comes with a new challenge,
from sliding ice blocks to burning fire ones, and each zone gets progressively more difficult
as you move through it. The level design is impressive for a game
this cheap, and I’m not ashamed to admit I spent about 30 minutes on one puzzle alone. Buy or deny? Caliper is worth the 99 cents. If anything, the dev needs the money so they
can hire themselves a translator because that game description is currently doing them
a big disfavor.

7 thoughts on “[1 Dollar 1 Min] Caliper (Indie Puzzle Game)

  1. You know that game actually… looks really charming. The art style is pretty simple but I think that really works for the game. I kinda want to play that actually.

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