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I just heard someone really close to me. Let’s wait until he gets here and get in the car. Let’s see if this prank really works. No,no, he is leaving. Perfect, he is coming back. Let’s see what happens next. How come he doesn’t notice me? This is incredible. Hey guys, what’s up. After so long here is part two of the ninja prank. Now, if you guys really love part two, explote this video with likes and comment below if you guys would like a part three. Before I continue with the video I wanted to thank (Erasableninja) for stopping by support my last ninja video. So ( Erasableninja) if you watching this, thank you so much for the great support and good vibes bro. If it wasn’t for a subscriber that made the comment to watch some of your videos I will of never come up with this idea. You are the number one ninja bro! Now guys, let’s watch the video. Enjoyyy!! Oh oh, he saw me? He didn’t notice me? I can’t believe this, haha. Dam, no one is coming. Wait, I think I heard someone. I think he is looking for me. He almost got me! haha I saw someone landed here, let’s see if he comes this way. I think they are fighting with a bot, but they don’t kill him hahah. What a good driver huh? I’m sure there is people close here. Let’s bait a little to see if the get close. Hopefully they fall for it. Making this videos requires a lots of patient. Well, at the moment we have a duo, let’s see if they get in the car or not. I hope they don’t kill me , haha. Great, they haven’t see me yet. Hahaha, they looking for me but they can’t find me. I’m hidden very well. You guys have no idea, but I’m really nervous. I hope this works. Is amazing how people fall for this prank. This guy really take his time on looting huh? Sometimes when I make this type of videos, I be really surprise of people I tell you, haha. Hey guys, what’s up. What a great ninja right? I honestly had a good time making part two of the ninja. I even laugh while I was editing. Is crazy. To everyone that is watching me now , I wanted to thank you all so much for the great support. We are now more than 100k subscribers. Really, thank you all for the love and support and I’m really sorry I don’t upload videos more often. As some of you may know, Youtube is just a hobby for me , not that I don’t enjoy it but I do have a job and go to college. Therefore, the free time that I have I make the videos and also edit them too. Once more, thank you all for being so understandable and continue to follow me even thru the rough times. I want you all to know that I have a lot of love for each and everyone of you. From here to Jupiter, hehe. Also, for those who would like to play with me and help me get to Conqueror, I’m doing streams on facebook. Those who would like to win some chicken dinner with me follow my fan page. I will leave the link in the description of this video. I will also leave my IG information, that is where I post when I’m getting ready to do the streaming. I will wait for you guys there. Stop by because the chat be on fire too. Finally, please remember to give thumbs up if you love this video and subscribe for more. See you guys next time. Chauuuu!

100 thoughts on “😂 ¡UN NINJA TROLL EN PUBG MOBILE! 😂 #2 | MOMENTOS DIVERTIDOS | El Loco Santi

  1. No se olviden de darle like al video y suscribirse a mi canal que me ayudan MUCHÍSIMO si hacen eso 🤗

    PD: Y si pueden recomendarme con todos sus amigos y activar la campanita de YouTube, ufff 😱, mejor aún 💪

    PD de la PD: Comenten en el video la parte que más les gustó 😁

    PD de la PD de la PD: Los quiero mucho a todos, lo que dije en el final del video lo dije de todo corazón 💕

  2. As la parte 3 we neta me muero de risa es mucho mejor q los comediantes. Mándame saludos por favor en tu próximo video.

  3. el locosanti lo iso de nuevo

    buen video crack
    son tan buenos tus videos que siempre doy like antes de verlos

  4. Jaja un compañero de trabajo me habló de lo que hacías y que eres genial y tenía razón muy buenos videos sigue así loco

  5. La parte ma guapa del video fue la ultima jajajja cuando el tio se baja del coche para uir de la granada y se la metistes en toda la boca jajajajja, fue con la que mas me rei jajaja

  6. He vuelto tras la pérdida de mi celular,y como siempre dejandote un comentario en tus videos,me alegra bastante hayas subido tan rapido mi hermano,muchas felicidades y sigue asi,eres toda una maquina a pesar de que estudias y trabajas,eres uno de los mejores youtubers porque siendo así das el ejemplo a la humildad,el trabajo y el estudio.

  7. Bro al menos dale tu toque argento y no copies tal cual los audios y dank memes de erasable, por otro lado me agrada que lo adaptes al PUBG mobile emulador.

  8. Santi podrías hacer un vídeo cómo "cómo juego mientras no grabó

    PD:No me quiero cruzar con ese ninja 😃

    Saludos desde Uruguay 🇺🇾,y mira que estamos cerca :v

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