The Theft Protection

Myths and Facts About Identity Theft

Alright, I’ll be the first to say it. We’re lost. L-O-S-T, Lost. Wait that’s… that’s that’s how you spell it, right? Would you settle down for a second?! We’re not lost. We’re just… misguided- Okay. Yeah, we’re lost. Oh what’s that, Alex? Steve was right? Steve is always right! Really? You’re going to choose now to brag? Save it for when we get out of here; okay? Aha! Go check for a way out behind that rock over there. You mean this one? Yeah, no, what a terrible idea. Come on… we’re going to be up all night trying to think of something. Wait a minute… “up”! Alex that’s it! Okay. Hear me out. Why look for the way that we came in, when, we could just dig straight up and make a new one instead! I really don’t think that’s a good- Alex. I know what you’re going to say. You do? Yeah. You were going to say… OH WOW STEVE. HOW DO YOU THINK OF ALL THE BEST IDEAS? I WISH I COULD BE THAT SMART. AND HANDSOME. …AND SMART. AND YOU MAKE THE BEST PORK CHOPS IN THE WORLD! Oh, well, I know. Thank you so much. I just leave them on for- No, but really. I remember reading about this. Oh, what did it say? Just hang on for a sec. I’ll look it up. Mm-hmm. Sure, you do that. I’m gonna be over here definitely waiting and not leaving you behind. …23, 24… Huh, what’s that up there? Aha! “To those thinking it’s wise to mine straight up…” Kind of looks like it’s getting closer. “…beware of falling…” Oh, it’s a… uh-oh. Ah, Steve, I got it! “Watch out for the falling gravel.” Oh, yeah, that would hurt. You wouldn’t want that to fall on you- Say, where did he go? (gasp) Alex watch out for the gravel!!- Ouf.

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