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Myths and Facts About Identity Theft

Nyamu Nyamu something. Complicated love dictionary! An re-occurring love-incident? What is that supposed to mean? I had a huge gun on my shoulder, my nose bleeding…. I have come to disturb your wedding! No that’s not it. This boss is carrying rice around. Oh Ruruko Hello (Japanese) Hello (Korean) Hello (Japanese) Hello (Japanese) Hello (Arabic) You can do a multiplayer game with a maximum of three friends. You can work together. That’s it. – Shall we do it?!
– Let’s do it. I think bronze must be the easiest one here.
– Yeah Gold must be the most difficult one. I am recruiting members, so please find me! – I got you!
– Save! While I was recruiting an unknown master joined in. So we all should probably pull back like this… – We are doing it one by one?
– Yes one by one! He destroys all those happy ducks! That was my turn! This is the turn of the stranger friend. He looks like he knows what he is doing. Oh good. We only have to defeat one more enemy! – How embarrassing!
– What’s embarrassing about that?! Well done, you did this with only one hand. That is how you play this with three other people. Now it’s my next turn. I did a good job, didn’t I?! Now the strong friend has his turn. There is a dinosaur. That’s an interesting angle. Wow he is good. He won in one go. We didn’t even get a turn. Sara Hardrock looks cute. Yes she is cute. Oh there are so many! Even if the stage change, the order of the turns does not change. Wow! Amazing! Let’s see how I should do this. We lost that one. Our friend doesn’t give us a turn. Boss battle! There it is. This time it’s red. Our master friend gets a turn first. He is using his princess skills. My princesses still have their princess skills left too. The master here did it all for us. If your level is low, it will take more time for your princess skill gauge to fill up. We get ours in about 16 turns. If your level is high, you will get it in 2-3 turns, I recon. Oh we rescued a princess. Not enough will to save the princess. We didn’t manage to rescue a princess… – We got some ingredients.
– A knitted cap? A knitted cap? – A hat!
-It looks nice. We also got a chicken wing. Is that from Nagoya? – You know a lot about Nagoya.
– Chicken is delicious in Nagoya. Yamachan, the chicken wing restaurant. That’s a national chain. Shall we do a silver group in group of two? Make sure the stronger person doesn’t get into our game. – Just make a two-player game, right?!
– Yes! We have someone called Chunchun in our team. But Kaeru Prince (Tanbo team) got in too. This Chunchun is another strong player. Chunchun is evern stronger than the other person. Let’s receive some help from Chunchun while playing the silver stage. If only we play and die, then there is no fun in that either. Can I start? – Oh we are in a forest!
– Looks like silver plays in a forest? There is no frog prince (Tanbo team). There you are. Now it’s my turn, right?! We have stronger looking enemies. – Hey we got bounced against too.
– Sorry! – This is difficult! We are about to die!
– What already?! – That’s true!
– There are only 68% left. – Our powers are down, but Chun-chun seems to…
– A cute girl! ChunChun just used his princess skill. – ChunChun healed us!
– He did not. He did not. These are the HP of ChunChun that you can see. This is the Party HP! So ChunChun did something after all! Glad we have ChunChun with us. Thank you ChunChun.
– Who is this ChunChun?! Oh my turn! I need to make my move now… Pull it into the yellow area. The further you pull back, the stronger you get. But if something is close you don’t need to pull back that much. That didn’t work. There we are. I wonder if we are filling up our skill gauge? – Where is our skill gauge?
– It’s at the bottom! Wow this is difficult. – ChunChun please heal us! We’re relying on a total stranger. ChunChun has really leveled up all his princesses. This one here looks tired! NyamuNyamu something He will probably clear the game in one go. – ChunChun is so strong!
– Glad we got him with us. Wow this is quite impressive. There is still one … no two left. He left us with the good bit. We only need to defeat two. – We are dying though.
– We only have 141 HP. You missed them. Your attack power wasn’t enough. We all look tired! If you pick this one up we will be healed. Pick up up! I shall get it and hit that thing there. If you get a heart you should be able to recover. I couldn’t get it well. Oh no we died. Silver is too difficult! Let’s do this properly on bronze mode. Do you have a favorite phrase? It’s that UHN noise, right?! UHN -Oh Ruruko -UHNN! – That was a continuation of “Oh Ruruko”
– First time ever. Ruruko you will transform too. Ok I am recruiting! Someone is here, let me get you on the team. Bephanchannyan? Whoever didn’t get a turn last time should go now. – Isn’t that Mr Carlos?
– Me, alright. – Alright I can do this.
– This is ladies first! I am not a lady! Will this bounce back? -Even if we hit him ???
-Something came out. If you pick this one up you will recover. This player is probably good. – Is he Russian?
– The name is a mystery. – Wow he is so good!
– Pretty amazing. – Amazing, no turn for us.
– Well, we did have one…. We haven’t used our skills even once! But you cannot use them yet because the gauge has not filled up yet. My party is not really that good. I have focussed on strong princesses but many don’t have any skills. I probably need to change my party to princesses which have more skills. Has Meltia released a DVD? – Not… really.
– Well then for the future! You are focusing on YouTube right now, right?! Which of your songs do you like the most? – Un Deux Chocolat!
– That sounds cute! – It goes like “Un Deux Chocolat”
– Yeah that’s the one. Same for you Tambo? – Nope.
– So not the same then. – “Nope” Everyone has different likes, right?! Which song do you like the most? Well “Higashi… Higashi Shinjuku”, is the song I like. Higashi Shinjuku?! There was a song like that?! Is this a Meltia song?! “Higashi Shinjuku”?! That’s another of your lies, right? You didn’t celebrate Halloween the other month, did you?! Why are you suddenly talking about Halloween? Well in another video we talked about Halloween and such. Ruruko, Nadeshiko and I. – We went to Shibuya.
– We came to disturb your wedding. What do you mean by that?! We dressed up as people who came to mess up someone’s wedding. – That’s what you went with!? Carrying a huge gun over my shoulder… Blood running from my nose… That’s how I walked around. – She said something!
– A legitimate Past?! – Guardian of the pure and sacred. Wow that’s a strong skill! That person probably lost his/her temper. – Wish he had used this skill for the boss battle.
– He helped anyways. Three more turns and we can use our skills! – The boss is carrying rice around.
– True. Lots of rice Wow That was 19 combos. The music has gotten a lot more intense too. – There is a goblin like thing there.
– You are right! – They are holding rice.
– You realize that too late! That talk is already over. This game seems so Japanese. Wow well done, good combo. I just did that at random. Befu is doing everything. – Usmimi Pati?
– She says “Usamimi Party Night”. Rabbit Ear Party night! Complicated love dictionary! An re-occurring love-incident?! What the heck is that?! We don’t quite know what’s happening. Thank you all! The way the bosses shake before they disappear… I think It’ll appear in my dreams. – Were you scared?
– Yeah it’s kind of scary. – Wow that’s bad.
– Wooo that’s baaad! That’s not how you say it. I lost a DVD the other day… – Which one?
– At the rental shop Tsutaya… I borrowed a movie starring Fumi Nikaidoh. – What movie is that?
– It’s called Hibi Rock. I know that one. Oh I got a visitor. – And then I lost that DVD.
– Where? My sister… my sister… my dad… Who? I left it in the car of my brother’s girlfriend. – You didn’t lose it if you know where it is.
– Was it still there? – Yes it was.
– While talking my friend left again. He was like “What you are not beginning?” Did you have to pay arrears fees? What does Tsutaya make you do then? Find it within a month or… pay for it. But they charge about 9.000 Yen for it. – What?!
– You pay as if you pay the dvd? – That’s pricey.
– A dvd for 9000 Yen is quite expensive Be sure to watch all the other videos too!

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