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You got it in one go. That’s how it’s done. – She’s adorable!
– Let’s hear her voice. This looks like a golden toilet. – Wow this is so much fun.
– Is this app free? -It is! -Wow this frog rocks!
– This frog!? (lol) -Who will do the boss battle? – I will! – How do you do (Japanese) – Hello (Korean) – Hello (Japanese) – Hello (Arabic) – He’s running.
– He is still a “no makeup” prince Yes pull it back, aim for the enemy and let go. – Did you do it? – I did.
– Sorry I couldn’t see it. – Arina Maps
– She is talking. -There is a super strong looking wall here.
– Really? -There is also a trampoline.
– I have to use it? – Yes. Jump on the trampoline. -Well done.
– This frog is really good. This frog? That frog! – “Please save me!”
– She is asking for your help! – I am ready!
– This looks difficult! Where should I aim? Maybe the one in front? But this one might be… if you just aim for the middle, it won’t come back… A little bit more left. – A little bit left. Right there.
– Right here? – Wait!
– Well we couldn’t do it in one go. – Hey you! -One more try! – Good. We could probably get this all. – He looks in pain
– It’s a bit like pinball. Well what was that?! You need to aim at stones or walls to hit some ennemies. – She said “Merry Christmas!”
– I got that one from a Christmas special. All year Merry Christmas. Like the tea party in Alice in Wonderland, it is Christmas all year round. So it’s Christmas for her almost every day? We got a boss battle! He is huge! He looks like the character from Chicken Ramen! Go for it go go! I think if you collect those hearts you are able to restore your power. How do I collect those?
– Where are those hearts? Over here. You might have to get a rebound from the stones and then… – Oh dear I made a mistake.
-It was attacking. Oh dear it got angry. The eyes! We beat it! The dying scene was quite a surprise. Something is shining. This is a sign that a princess has been rescued! -We are getting a new princess? -Yes! – How exciting! -Ruruko you saved a village! -Yay!
-Not yet. You haven’t saved a village yet. Thank you Tambo Frog Princess! We got several princesses. Tambo (rice patty) and Frog….. “I would like to become a great princess” We got “Magrit” and “Berry Berry” princess She looks like you Ruruko! She is a rare princess. Well done! How nice. -This is so fun
-Yeah it is. Do the princesses evolve? I think they do. -Tambo, you are so focused on the game.
-Carlos you go look at the screen! She is playing it like this.! -I’m not good at calculating trajectories
– Calculating? I thought you were good at it. There is a new enemy here! Difficulty increases and we get different enemies. What if you aim for the middle? That looks like a drag queen. That was a half-hearted attack. What is the trampoline for? This hurts! If you can’t get them fast, they will attack you. That was close! Couldn’t get him this time. It’s super hidden. You are jumping. -This one is tough.
– Normally you can get them in one go. Maybe you need to stand on the trampoline. – That was wrong.
– It’s hidden in the back! Ouch!
-We were attacked. – I don’t know what just happened.
– Pull it! – You got it in one go!
– That’s how it is done! You were just sweating it! This one looks strong! Something in the way. Can’t seem to aim at it? Go for it. – You got it in one go!
– That’s how it is done! You were worried don’t you! – “Don’t push yourself too hard”
– The princesses cheer for you. – Ruru would you like to become a princess?
– I would love to! What type of princess would you like to be? A princess who can live on the see and on the land. – But you can’t swim!
– She can’t?! I think if you have fins, then you can swim anyways. – Can you snorkel? – Nope I haven’t played this a lot, but it can be quite addictive. It looks addictive. – It is really fun.
– Is it for free? It’s free. But you can purchase items like potions or… … you can get rare princesses by using the “gachapon”. It says “SR” for special rare. In order to win the princesses, you need a certain amount of stars. And you need to get those. You can purchase those stars. Maybe there is one I can do now. They have several types here each needs a different amount of stars. For 200 stars you can play this one five times. or for 80 you can try one here. – Shall we try this one?
– Yes! “Please tap it” The frog on the back looks crazy. This looks like a golden toilet. I wonder why… Don’t say toilet! Now it will always look like a toilet (lol) – Here we got a princess.
– Nico Fanfare. Oh? Wait? What?
The programm just crashed. The app crashed. That was the fault of that princess just now. It was the fault of the golden toilet. It’s because you call it toilet, so it crashed! Is there a new one?
– Nico Fan… She is at the last spot She is the one that appeared just before the app crashed. The one that came out of the toil…! Don’t say toilet! She is cute!
– She kind of has that fanfare image to her. There is also another one that I haven’t seen before. That’s the one we couldn’t see earlier. She has a Japanese touch to her! She has a voice sample, let’s listen to it! “A test of bravery? That sounds like fun. I was bored, so let’s try it out” – She’s cute.
– Is she speaking in a dialect? She is using old Japanese. Looks like you can listen to a variety of voice samples from her like… Magnificent and elegant! Where would you use that phrase? Magnificent and elegant! During the battle we didn’t see that yet because the gauge didn’t fill up but there is a “princess skill” that you can use. They will use magic to help the prince out. I think that’s her spell voice. Magnificent and Elegant!
Magnificent and Elegant? In what situation would you use that word? Let’s see what skill that belongs to. Don’t make your neck crack like that. I was just looking to the side and it clicked really loud! And possibly … I haven’t seen her yet either, so we maybe got her too. Amy looks cute. I’ve had it with you. Ene is “N” which means normal (not rare). Yeah this game is quite fun. Very addictive. She is shaking. That’s an earthquake. There is a multiplayer mode. Today you guys don’t have the app on your phone but You can do a multi play with a max of three players. – You can team play
– Are they all frogs? I think there will be three frogs. There you can see three frogs! Next time, let’s play it all together! You can look forward to that! For other videos, click on the right hand corner! (Korean)

4 thoughts on “【Uchi-Hime】Japanese Kawaii PUZZLE-RPG smartphone game GAMEPLAY #2

  1. Looks kind of fun, I know Supercell were working on a game with similar mechanics, but they cancelled it. It is a shame Uchi-Hime is not available outside of Japan, I seriously doubt they are going to bother with an English translation of the game, but we can only hope. I were able to locate the game in the play store though by changing language of my device to Japanese and searching in japanese, but when trying to install it says it is not available in my country. I am not going to risk messing around with VPNs or proxies.

    Can anyone recommend any other good cute Japanese mobile games available outside of Japan? Right now I am only playing Valkyrie Crusade…

  2. That doesn't… really look like an action rpg at all… I'd say it's more of a puzzle game, maybe? Reminds me a lot of B-Daman, actually.

    An action rpg would be more along the lines of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Dark Souls, Secret of Mana, and such. Intricate character customization in a story that aims to immerse the player (rpg) mixed with a movemet-and-combat system that requires constant player input to progress (action).

    It's just a pet peeve of mine, though, so don't take it too seriously. ^^;

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