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“Thank you for saving me.” -The stone moves!
-That makes it harder! I already saved several princesses. You play the character of a prince who has been cursed into being a frog. Our mission is to rescue the girls. It’s Huge! Is it Chicken Ramen? (Chicken soup noodles) We managed to rescue a princess. – She’s….with her child.
– Her child!!??? How are you? (Japanese), Yo! (Korean) Hello (Japanese) Hello (Arabic) Assa…what? Sounded to me like Asada Mao, the figure skater. Today we have a new person here. Who? Hellooooo -Who are you? -You must be Rola Furuwa.
-Who in the world is that? You are Fuwari Ruru.
– That’s right. My name is Ruru Fuwari. – Do you know of her?
– Nope. – Do you?
– No, I don’t! You are making me sad! – YOU were the one who brought her here!
-Yes I did. Today, do you want to play MONSTER STRIKE or UCHI-HIME? Please choose. In that case I take UCHI-HIME. It is called “My princesses are the most beautiful” – There’s a frog.
– Yes, the player is the frog prince. What?! – I don’t get to be the princess?
– No, you’re the frog. You play the character of a prince who has been cursed into being a frog. and you have to go and save them. – I see.
– The princesses have been sealed away. What would you do if you became a frog, Genius? ( Caty’s nickname is Genius) I would fly through the air! -They can’t fly.
– What?! They can’t?! They can, right?! They can. You guys mean jumping, right!? Not flying through the air (the kanji are different in Japanese but the pronunciation is the same) – In your face.
– Then write “jump” in Kanji (Chinese character.) “Jump” in Kanji….. Not that one. That’s the one for flying like a bird. – That’s the one for “to fly”
– No clue, then. I got several princesses. – They are so cute
– Let’s decide together which princess to use. ” I was chosen to be a map researcher!” “Please take me with you!” Her name is Arina Maps. Obvious name. Map as in world map? That princess is a map fanatic. A maniac princess “Thank you for saving me” “I will do anything I can” She has been saved, she doesn’t need us any more right? They stay with us to show their gratitude. Yumi? She doesn’t speak. Yun Yumi. – She is Korean
– She can’t speak Japanese. – Mami Mar? Like Neymar Jr?
– No voice, either. Must be good at soccer. She is a “lighthouse princess”. That’s why her name is “nami” (means “wave” in Japanese). – She is wearing a Sailor Uniform as well.
– So cute. Chino Comforting type. What is on top of her head? “This thing is so cute” “How about you, prince? You’re giving me a Christmas present?” Do you know the anime “Was your order a rabbit?!” I think this is a collaboration character from that anime. They have some Line stamps of that anime too. Over Christmas they did a collaboration with the anime. Her homeland was destroyed by the demon king Solely in exile, wandering around from land to land. It says she doesn’t like snakes. Even though her style looks like she just came from the forest. That’s contradictory. – She is super cute
– I am creating a team right now. – You make a party out of four?
– Yes four. I like the one who hates snakes. What hand movement was that? The snake hater likes to sleep in a futon. There is also the “automatic formation” setting which is quite convenient. It’s lined up in the order of strength. This is how it will turn out automatically. You can go on a quest with the girls. You can also bring a friend with you. I will take my strongest friend along… – The blue person?
– And with that we are five. Your friend has really high HP (Health Points)! Yeah my friend is quite amazing. That’s a friend that I did not make in real life. The game suggests friends in the game. “What a delightful day we have today, prince!” Can you speak Frog language? Of course I can. But I can only speak the language of the Japanese tree frog. He used to be a prince, so he can speak Japanese. -He’s a frog. He can’t speak human.
-He can.He was a prince before. So you were a frog before? I was….something else. Here comes the frog prince. I think I’ve seen this character somewhere before. It says…”no makeup prince”? Yes. It seems there is a title for each,and it changes when your level goes up. The lowest rank is no makeup prince. This is the type of game where you pull and release to defeat your enemies. You can move within this yellow range, with the little chicks being the enemy. How do you….wow! you launch yourself at them! – Using yourself
– It just went crashing! – So nice. To save the princess the prince..
– Defeats the enemy by using its own body. – Look, the rock is moving!
– The moving rock increases difficulty. – You crash into the rock, and you stop?
– Perhaps. Amazing. The rock was destroyed. The rocks will break when you go to the next stage. -Something new here. – Is that a trampoline? -There is a trampoline!
-It seems like it! So neat. And that is how we cleared the stage. That was pretty fun. – So you collect the princesses?
– Yes. We have gotten a crown. We have rescued a princess! – She’s…with a kid!
– She’s a mom! – Cannot be a mom!
– At a glance it may look like but… It’s a doll! She must have had a complicated past. Oh! The girl looks like she can study. – Marie Siebold
– Don’t be fooled by the glasses. – With tight skirts.
– So sexy. We have got her as well. So we had some help from a total stranger. And we can follow that user. if you follow that user, he may help you in the future again. The boss battle. Who wants to try? Ok! Let me try! She sometimes lies, she says “kawaii” to everything. -Everything.
-Isn’t that like her common phrase and not a lie? I never lie. I won’t say you’re kawaii anymore! In comparison, this is the bigger liar. No no. She doesn’t lie. She just talks randomly what’s on her head. That seems to create more chaos. It isn’t a lie, though. What random things has she told you recently? Recent random thoughts… she told me that bamboo shoots are sprouts. I don’t remember if it were sprouts or whatever. I showed it to her to ask if she wants to eat this sprout. She replied that they were not sprouts but bamboo shoots. She noticed that they were bamboo shoots, so the problem doesn’t exist. In what situation do you ask anyone to eat a bamboo shoot? When we ate Ramen this morning! (Chinese soup noodles) You had Ramen for breakfast? Darundo….hold on, hold on, couldn’t say that. This guy can’t be from Korea. He’s definitely from Western Japan. From Oita Pref.! Please click on the circle for more videos (Korean) -Pachuseyo
– Yuyu – What do you mean by i ?

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  1. Maybe nice to know: "Siebold was the surname of the first Western medicine teacher in Japan. He was the father of the first female Japanese doctor, Kusumoto Ine".

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