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HOW TO MAKE AN ELECTRIC CHAIR Today,I’ll show you how to make a cool looking electric chair.. :] You can actually take a seat and get executed! This is an improved version of my old design which couldn’t do harm. Making a fitting room is very important! These potions determine what happens to the player that’s sitting in the chair.. Now I’m ready to build the chair itself! This skull is supposed to look like the metal helmet that you have to wear. :I Now you’re sitting properly and it actually looks pretty good! :] You can’t do anything from here,since you head is inside the gate. Pull the lever a couple of times to execute the person in the chair.. I hope you enjoyed this improved version of one of my old designs! Feel free to leave a like if you want more like this!

100 thoughts on “✔ Minecraft: How to make a Working Electric Chair

  1. i absolutely love how "happy" the video is, while we are literally building a chair that is made to murder you

  2. Hello! And welcome to my minecraft tutorial! Today, ill be showing you how to make a automatic firing squad to kill those pesky War criminals!

  3. Me: haha Friend die! Mua hahaha

    My friend in his head: oh ya jokes on u I have 9999999 wolves 😀

    Me once I figure out: Oh please no :O

  4. Magma! I am your fan from Argentina, I am using the Google translator hahaha. I have an idea, but I have no experience to build … you could make a kind of electric chair using a dispenser with a trident with the enchantment "channeling" (in my region it is called like this) that somehow be launched to some Small animal locked up and make the effect of lightning strike … I don't know, I only give you the idea because I know you're the genius here haha. Cheers

  5. Or you could have a minecart inside of a stair and a switch which activates a command block to summon lightning and strike whatever is in the cart

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