The Theft Protection

Myths and Facts About Identity Theft

Everything is ready Of course, Boss What an easy task Fortunately , they did not discover the bomb that I had placed in the plane I did the job, pirate Well done, rabbit I am proud of you When will you give me what I asked you last time ? I’ll give you a final task if you succeed i will give you what you want Well, pirate what is this task ? i want you to kill Bruce lee okay pirate , it’s an easy task You have to be careful, rabbit Try to kill him with a sniper rifle from a distance Because if you come close to him, he will kill you easily Don’t worry , Pirate hello Bruce Lee who are you ? why are you scared ? i’m Bruce Lee King of the factory I am never afraid tell me who are you ? and why you are here ?? let me tell you 2 things First Hydronz is the king of the factory second i will kill you in 20 seconds I have heard that you killed Bruce Lee easily Is this true ? yes 20 seconds is enough for me to kill anyone on the island They did not make any mistake when they called you the crazy rabbit well Give me what I wanted Go to Mill area and you will find a box open that box You will find the treasure map inside it thanks Pirate I’m pleased to work with you Finally we got the treasure map we will find the treasure and we will become rich Dear why did you fool the Rabbit That map is fake Don’t worry, he won’t discover it’s fake And what if he finds out ?? If he knows you tricked him, he will kill you I told you not to worry He will die tonight tonight 10 assassins will go to kill him You are really evil forget that Rabbit We should celebrate tonight Because we got rid of all our enemies It is time to take control of the island to be continued … thanks for watching

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