Identity Theft

Identify Theft Protection

Identity Protection

About The Best Identity Theft Protection Software

First, go to website of Easy Internet Safety. What we're doing is just clicking this banner at the top. What this will do is...
Identity Theft Online

How To Protect Yourself From Identity Theft Online?

Start taking steps to keep all of that from ending up on your credit report and preventing you from getting the jobs, loans, credit...
Protecting Taxpayers

Tips For Protecting Taxpayers From Identity Theft

Taxes Security Together The IRS, the states and the tax industry need everyone’s help. The IRS launched The Taxes Security Together awareness campaign in 2015...
ID Theft Victims

Steps To Be Taken By Victims Of ID Theft

Let's go through the steps you'll need to take to get your finances and credit back under your control. Initial Fraud Alert The first step to...
Online Passwords

Identity Theft Protection Vs Credit Monitoring Services, Identity Theft and Online Passwords

You may also be wondering – how is credit monitoring different from identity theft protection? Credit monitoring is one aspect of identity theft protection...
Debit Card Fraud

Does Bank Offer Debit Card Fraud and Identity Theft Protection?

I opted to use prepaid debit cards instead but it's drawback is that with many of these prepaid debit cards there's no real safeguards...

Breach Protection

Recorded Number Of Data Breaches Reported In New York

Data Breaches Record
Criminals buy new Yorkers stolen data so they can take out fraudulent loans, run up bad debts on some else's dime.  New York’s attorney...

How To Protect Yourself After The Biggest Data Breach Ever?

Biggest Data Breach
This could be the largest data breach in history whole security. The same company that brought the huge until the data scandal to light...

All About Facebook Data Breach

Facebook Data Breach
Anytime that you've ever used a Facebook app Like the "Pick a celebrity who looks like you" What you're doing is you're giving that...

Tips For Protecting Yourself From Fraud and Identity Theft

Fraud Protectionvideo
Did you know the social security administration has issued over 450 million numbers? Protecting your number is the best way to protect your identity....

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