All About Travel Identity Assistance

Travel Identity Assistance

Travel Identity Assistance Also included in the Bankers offering to it’s policyholders is the Travel Identity Assistance. This is a great program. You know these programs all look at things that we do in our normal life and something goes wrong and so we find ourselves in a situation that we’re not accustomed to dealing with. Travel works either for domestic travel or for international travel and I’m going to use international travel just so that we can talk a little more about the program but you know that if you happen to live in Florida and you get on a plane you fly to New York and you go to lunch and when you get ready to take your wallet out and pay you find that your wallet is gone and somehow you have to get on a plane to come back home but you have no identification.

Now if you’re at home maybe you have a passport that someone can over night to you but what happens if you are for example in Africa and you need to on get back home or you actually need to get back in your hotel room. We work a lot of cases where maybe someone had a backpack and in their back they had their hotel key, they had their passport, their visa, their airline tickets and they have their wallet. In there wallet was all up their cash and their credit cards and someone comes along and either steals that backpack or perhaps they set it down and they forget it and when they go back it’s gone and now suddenly they can’t get into their hotel room, they can’t get back home, they have no access to funds.

What you do?

Well if you have this particular program you can call up Bankers they will put you in touch with us this program runs 24 hours a day seven days a week and we will begin by first of all getting your policy holder back to a safe place. We have ways that we can get them back into their hotel room without having identification. We work with the hotel’s very closely so they can simply go to the front desk and give their name and the hotel will give them a key. We work with passport agencies we work with embassies & consulates we work with airlines and in most cases we can get the airline tickets replaced at no charge.

We work with local law enforcement and we put protections around all of their financial documents that they may have had, credit cards etc. in their wallet. We get them to a safe place and in the event that you need to send them money we can also help you wire money to them so that they can pick it up without any identification. This lets them go about the trip and then come home without having additional problems and do it in a manner where there is as little stress as possible and they stay safe and protected.


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